Story: Dry Land Valentine's Day

((To be completed))

I remember sitting in Oskar Blues the winter of 2022. I was in low spirits. The restaurant that shall not be named was going to stiff me to the tune of over $4,000. I had little to no prospects and my health was still destabilized from eating their mold-ridden food as partial payment for services rendered.

I draw at the bar, hiding my misery best I can. Then, with that telltale American pluck I force myself to smile.

I remind myself that yes, things kind of suck right now, but I do have one thing to be a grateful for. Because I have no prospects, I have time. Time to rest. Time to (()), time to create art. Then a genuine smile replaces the fake one.

Just think, I tell myself. You are going to really miss these days once business picks up. You'll miss the freedom, the boredom, and flexible schedule.

Flash forward about a year into the future. Bills are tight, I'm driving up and down the Front Range like a mad chicken, and there are literal days where I collapse from exhaustion. The finances could be better--no doubt about that-- but the money is rolling in. Despite my depressed bank account and delay tax and credit card payments, business is most certainly booming.

Which take me back to that restaurant that shall not be named.

((Mention that they hated dry land)) ((mention that despite blocking them I occasionally see them in social media)) ((but that I'm getting the up hand)) ((mention that I took them to court and won)) It would be a stretch to say that it was a T-KO, but it was a knock out for sure.


((Looking to do a v day piece. Denver is for lovers, maybe Japango))