Story: Pink Lady

Fall 2019. I can't stop scrolling through Instagram. I saw an ad for a huion tablet and clicked on it. I started looking at the specs to see if it was worth getting. As I did this, my boyfriend at the time saw this. I later decided that the tablet was not for me as I wanted something more akin to a iPad. Carrying around a laptop and a tablet is a bit cumbersome and I wanted 1 device so I could draw around the place.

My now ex-boyfriend didn't understand this. Nor did he ask the right questions to know that I didn't want the tablet. In retrospect, I realized that he had his eye on a multi-hundred dollar watch and wanted to guilt me into getting him one for Christmas. So he got me the tablet as a means of covert persuasion.

When I got the gift I was shocked, but too sympathetic to tell my now ex that I just didn't want it. However, it was better than nothing. The tablet needed testing out, and this was the first piece I made on the huion.

I would eventually sell the tablet to another budding artist for half the list price. I used some of that money to purchase the Samsung tablet with which almost all the other pieces on this site was made. However I did make some good art with the tablet, including this piece which once hung in R Gallery's "Pop Art Inspirations."