The Story Behind Fish & Chips

The Story Behind Fish & Chips

Oskar Blues Fish & Chips

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If you have ever driven from Boulder to Longmont on the CO-119 you've probably seen the giant silo painted with the red, white, and blue words "Oskar Blues." Oskar Blues is one of the most established breweries in the Colorado. Odds are you've heard of their beer, but there is also an Oskar Blues restaurant in Longmont: Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids and Solids.

I remember sitting in Oskar Blues the winter of 2022. I was in low spirits. The restaurant that shall not be named was going to stiff me to the tune of over $4,000. I had little to no prospects and my health was still destabilized from eating their mold-ridden food regularly.

I drew art at the bar, hiding my misery best I could. Then, with that telltale American pluck I forced myself to smile. I reminded myself that yes, things kind of suck right now, but I did have one thing to be a grateful for. Because I had no prospects, I had time: time to rest, time to daydream, time to create art. Then a genuine smile replaced the fake one. Just think, I told myself. I'm going to really miss these days once business picks up. I'll miss the freedom, the boredom, and flexible schedule.

Flash forward about a year into the future. Bills were tight, I was driving up and down the Front Range like a mad chicken, and there were literally days where I collapse from exhaustion. The finances could be better--no doubt about that-- but the slowly money was rolling in. Despite my depressed bank account and delayed tax and credit card payments, business was most certainly booming and Oskar Blues is in part to thank.

Since that 2022 spring, I have been semi-frequenting this place. The Oskar Blues HMLS has always had a supportive waitstaff, a menu that doesn't break the bank, and great business-conducive clientele. It's rare that I go to this eatery and leave without some sort of business lead.

To celebrate this eatery, I've decided to do one of my rare sober pieces of art work: Oskar Blues Fish & Chips. I decided to change up my art making process for this picture. I used a different Procreate brush by the name of syrup and I really liked how the line work turned out. I was also excited to make another blue piece as it's been ago since I've done so.

This piece is perfect for those that love merfolk and the color blue, but maybe aren't the biggest fans of alcohol.

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