About the Artist

On the internet I go by the name M. J. Star. I am a digital artist who is currently living in Colorado. My art pulls influence from 20th century American cartoonists, 21st century anime, Art Nouveau, and modern street art. The result is a combination of bold lines, vibrant colors, and strong symmetrical composition that celebrates the culinary arts.

Unlike most artists who draw still life, I use my art to educate people on the origin of their food. Most of my artwork is drawn on site while enjoying the food portrayed. I take care to speak with the wait staff, bartenders, cooks, and owners to learn what their food is about. Consequentially, my pieces do more than show the finished dish, wine, beer, cider, or cocktail; they actively depict the ingredients, tasting notes, and agricultural sources of these tasteful subjects.

I create my art because to help connect others to food and the people who cook and serve that food. As the world becomes more digital, it's my goal to use my digital art to rekindle the two analog things we all need: bio-culture and the social networks they create.

For those who care:

I am a African American cis-woman and Endometriosis survivor. I was born in the Bay Area California and am now living in the Denver-Boulder Metro in Colorado. Selling art and doing graphic design is how I financially support myself.


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