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Vinca Cosmopolitan

Vinca Cosmopolitan

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December 16th, I have rent to pay. I should be getting a check from that court case I more or less won, but the defendant is dragging their feet. The plus side is that they might have to pay me an extra 1.2K+ because of the negligence, but the downside is that my rent is due in a couple of weeks.

I go Lakewood, hoping to sneak my way into another art market. Unfortunately they and the other art market I was hoping to join are booked. A third market is open, but I can't be there for a full week, as my endometriosis, has other plans. I'm stuck. Well, I figure. I might as well celebrate my birthday. I decide to go have the best meal I can likely afford. I go back to Vinca in Broomfield.

I get there around 5pm and the place is empty. Slowly through out the evening more patrons drop in. I'm at the bar, as per usual and talk to the owner and waitstaff. To my delight, they have seen the French 75 drawing, I drew February that year.

It's my birthday, so I decide to just draw something for fun--a rarity these days between commissions and running a business on a tight budget. I look through the menu and order an old favorite: the Cosmopolitan.

I had been planning on drawing a cosmo drawing for awhile. The original plan some months ago was to make a huge picture feature the three cities that collaborated to make the drink, New York, San Francisco, and Miami. However life got in the way, and since it's my birthday, I'm feeling a little lazy. Instead, I opt to do a smaller picture. I oscillated on what style to use, but decide that Art Deco, not Art Nouveau, is the perfect style for this picture. So just in time for the Holidays, I complete this vector art: the Vinca Cosmopolitan.

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