Tstreet Happy Hour Review

Tstreet Happy Hour Review

Tstreet Happy Hour Salmon Croquettes & Margarita

I post my food art but after thinking about it, I figure I should just bite the bullet (teehee) and share photos of what I eat. I do a lot of research (lol) of food to find out what's worth drawing. After working for an overpriced eatery with massive health code violations (among much worse), I decided to never draw food or drinks that I dislike. However, my list of foods and drinks and commissions to draw 20+ items long, so I don't get to everything. I hope that posting the pictures of what I do eat but can't draw can make up the difference.

Note: I will only be doing positive reviews. This gets less attention, but I only want to highlight the strengths of local food culture and ignore the bad.
Here's the first from Tstreet. I first heard about them from doing the Street Food Social markets in Belmar. The locals keep hyping this place up, so I tried their happy hour last night. It didn't disappoint. I ordered the salmon croquettes, signature margarita, and fries.

🐟 The salmon was great because the paired it with a not-too-spicy chipotle hollandaise sauce. The pico de gallo contains your standard tomatoes, onions, and cilantro, but also roasted corn and fresh jalapeños. This give extra life to what would otherwise be an enjoyable but forgettable dish.

🥃 Their margarita can be rimmed with salt or sugar. I choose the traditional salt. It was great. Most places mix the margaritas simple syrup which is fancy speak for sugar water. And God Forbid many more places use tacky store bought margarita mix; do not want. Tstreet is legit. They use real lime and agave syrup. This blends really well with the tequila which is also make from agave.

🍟 Their fries (not pictured) were solid too!

Tstreet in Belmar Square
445 S. Tellet Street, Lakewood CO
Happy Hour 3-6PM
What to expect: Friendly bar tenders, limited diary free & gluten free options, big TV, classy interior with dressed down locals
I recommend: The salmon croquettes, margarita, and fries.

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