Thankfulness: It Gets Real

Sure on paper I have a dream job, I draw and eat for a living. However--real talk--it's been a very rough few years. Quarters of fighting with the tax man. Months of late rent. Weeks of sleep deprivation. Days of literally going hungry.

A lot of broken promises.  A lot of financial struggles. A lot of quite frankly awful people can entered my life since 2021... but they've (virtually) all exited.

If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that I posted to my stories that I wanted to quit. I've been quite sleep deprived over thmoe last four months (luckily I think my landlord has finally found someone who can fix the issue). As many parents will relate when you go without good sleep while (in my case) working 60, 70, sometimes 90 hours work week spread across 4+ jobs that can take a major toll on your metal health. On top of that that several clients have ghosted me out of the blue in the last 2 months. (I'll be making announcement to changes to my commissions business soon) Consequently, the financial struggle keep going in spite of familiar support. I'm still getting back on my feet after a 7- (quite frankly 25-) year with endometriosis and adenomyosis that robbed me of my consistent health, dream body, 6-figure job, and $10,000s of savings.

It's been anything but easy. However there is so much to be thankful.

Thank you to my sister who (I still owe money) and gave the privilege of having my design her wedding coasters.

Thank you to my dad for the new allowance.

Thank you to BNI and BNI 2 Y.E.S. Chapter for sending me amazing clients.

Thank you to Karen of CCPLongmont for letting me crash her home so I didn't have to be homeless this summer.

Thank you to Real Farmers Market, Firehouse Art Center, and Gum Pop Presents, and other market organizers that give me REAL exposure that pays for my rent, car, and credit card debt.

Thank you Art of Modeling and its high wages.

Thank you to my favorite printers at Both Sides Design, Boulder Fine Art Reproduction, and Pro Copy Business Center for making my business possible.

Thank you to all the supportive waitstaff across Colorado.

Thank you to the owners and general managers that let me do live drawing demos at their business.

Thank you to all the owners and GMs that did and tried earnestly to give me business.

Thank you to the clients that didn't ghost me even when they had bad news to deliver.

Thank you to all the other supportive artists like Coy Ink and Left Hand Artist Group.

Thank you Artist United for saving the Time Square Show this April.

Thank you to everyone that gave me top quality free drinks and food.

Thank you to all my 1000s customers, clients, followers, and fans that are making my dream a viable reality.

Thank you to my grandma for her time on e⁸arth. R.I.P.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me to make sure I was okay these last two days. I had no idea so many people wanted to see me succeed.

There so much to be grateful for that couldn't list. So to wrap it up

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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