Restaurant: Abbott & Wallace

Location: Longmont, CO

What to expect: Tiki like aesthetic, open mic music every first Wednesday



Abbott and Wallace Distilling is a whiskey and rum distillery redefining what handcrafted can mean. Like the Longmont community itself, “handcrafted” means something different here. Owner-built equipment, locally sourced ingredients, and transparent processing blends with our values of community and family for one-of-a-kind spirits and cocktails. Longtucky is a celebration of Longmont’s rich agricultural history and artisan community. It’s our home and the community that helped create our dreams.

We are slowly and deliberately shifting our name from Longtucky Spirits to Abbott and Wallace. We are making this shift because Abbott and Wallace represents our past and our future while maintaining our family and human roots.

When you decide to honor your family with their names on your company, there comes a certain responsibility to their spirits. We owe it to them, our community and ourselves to make sure what’s behind the label honors as much as what’s printed on it.