Restaurant: Copper Sky Distillery

Location: Longmont, CO

What to expect: Wood paneling, local art, great cocktails, award winning spirits, a one-eyed cat named Char


Good whiskey is something to be shared and savored, but we learned early on that with a premium experience, you often need to pay a premium price. Understanding that this can be a barrier for many, we set out to craft a premium whiskey that is honest, affordable, and, most importantly, community-focused because everyone is family here. Building bonds and bringing people together is why we do what we do. From a heartfelt greeting at the tasting room to supporting our local causes, Copper Sky exists to elevate those around us whenever we can.

We distill that same sense of purpose into all of our spirits. From barrel aging our whiskey as long as it takes for each barrel to be ready to handcrafting cocktails in our tasting room, we will not settle until it meets our elevated standard of excellence. When you enjoy one of our offerings, you know you’re getting something worthy of sharing. So, wherever you choose to share Copper Sky, we encourage you to sit, sip, and savor the moments together. For us, that is what community is all about. Meet our full team below.