Restaurant: Dry Land Distillers

Location: Longmont, CO

What to expect: Lots of Wood, Locally sourced and brewed cocktails.



Dry Land Distillers has deep roots in Colorado and the American west. The founding team – Marc, Aaron and Nels – either grew up in Colorado or have long family ties to Colorado and the west. Aaron and Nels are both home brewers, with Aaron earning several gold-medal wins for his home recipes. Marc brings a unique connection to our spirits through his family’s heritage farm in Northern Colorado. The team wanted to start a local brewery years ago, but the plans were put on the back burner (day jobs, families, and real life. You know.) Luckily, a freelance side project introduced them to the early craft distilling scene in 2017 – and Dry Land was born.

 Our distillery is custom-designed to create small batch, original spirits from raw ingredients. The equipment was built specifically to unlock the flavors of the unique and challenging ingredients used in our spirits.

We run three stills at Dry Land: Our original, 200-gallon copper pot still, a 1,000-gallon copper pot still, and a smaller 12-plate stainless steel and copper column still with a gin basket. Our pot stills were handcrafted by the metallurgists and fabricators at Pot and Column, a local fabricator that builds custom stills.

All our batches start with raw ingredients sourced from local growers, including Marc Arnusch Farms in eastern Colorado. Our grains are malted by the team at Troubadour Maltings, less than 40 miles north in Ft Collins.

We mash all our ingredients in our 1,000-gallon custom-fabricated stainless mash tun built by the renowned team at Rocky Mountain Vessels in Montrose, Colorado. Our wash is fermented in 1,000-gallon stainless fermentation tanks (originally wine tanks) that allow precise control over finicky yeasts.