Restaurant: Four Directions Cuisine

Location: Arvada, CO

What to expect: Authentic Indigenous America, vegan friend options, food and history education



Rooted in Indigenous culture and trained in classical techniques, Chef Andrea Murdoch is committed to making our world a healthier, more beautiful and sustainable home, one plate at a time.


In a world of mass-production, we crave authentic, beautiful and healthy food to nourish and delight us. Chef Andrea is an Andean Native from Venezuela who passionately blends ancient ingredients with modern creativity to create elevated Indigenous cuisine. Allow her to introduce you to her magical world where you may:

  • Sample upscale Indigenous cuisine served with a modern flair
  • Source ingredients and tools produced by local and Native American businesses
  • Learn about projects producing local, nutritious and culturally appropriate food


Chef Andrea has created thoughtful, unique and innovative dishes by blending regional Indigenous flavors from North, Central and South America. She takes pride in telling Native stories through food – and in her interpretation of Indigenous cuisine, ancient meets modern, thought meets emotion and reality meets whimsy.