Restaurant: Left Hand Brewery

Location: Longmont, CO

I recommend: Flamingo Dreams if you are into fruit beer. However all the beer is good. Try a nitro beer if you haven't ever had one before.

What to expect: Exotic beer flavors, families in the next door beergarten, live music, a mix of locals, the occasional food truck, drag queen bingo, D&D, etc.


It all started with a humble homebrew kit and the drive to make better beer. Tired of the same bland and dated choices everywhere, Air Force friends Eric Wallace and Dick Doore set out to make the kind of beer that excited them; beer they wanted to drink. A hobby quickly became an obsession and it wasn't long before Left Hand Brewing was born in Longmont, Colorado. Over 26 years later, we're still forging our own path, building community around better beer. Because to us, serving both is equally essential. And because when you're not satisfied with the way things are, you change them.

When The Mainstream goes right,
we go left.

When everyone was adding concentrates to wheat beer, we hand-juiced ginger for Good Juju. When they told us American nitro beer couldn't be bottled, we invented it. When we saw we needed better disaster relief at home, we started the Left Hand Brewing Foundation. When we wanted to fight with those who fight Multiple Sclerosis, we raised millions and became a National Sponsor for Bike MS.

Along the way we've had our triumphs and our challenges. We overcome and we raise the bar. We adapt and we get even better. Through it all, we've always been proud of what we stamp our left hand of approval on. We're our toughest critics and your biggest fans which means we always strive to brew what's best; what's best for beer, best for you and best for the places we live, work and play. We're not guided by what anybody else is doing. We lead by being damn good people who deliver damn good beer from our hand to yours.