Story: Cloudscapes

Another one of those feelings. I drove from Longmont to the outskirts of NoBo to go to BOCO cider once again. Like always, a band was playing. While drawing, a young blonde girl came up to me. She asked me if she can draw on the tablet. She was a young artist and had never done any digital drawing before. I copied one of my pictures and removed all the color she she can do her thing. One brightly color picture later, she signed the photo with her name: Soli.

Soli was the daughter of the one of the performers, Ryan Benthall. After a few Instagram messages and weeks, I finally found a time I could see him perform again. This gig would be in the mountain town of Nederland, CO at the Knotted Root.

I put on a dress and heels and drove into the front range. As I do, I noticed that my gas tank is running dangerously low. The emergency yellow gas light turned on and I knew that if I don't find a gas station in the next 40 or so miles, I'd be stranded on the side of the road. I breathed in deeply and made sure to use the break sparingly, hoping that there would be a gas station between where I was and where I was headed.

I drove through the mountains listening to the latest Flat Irons sermon, and praise be to God I saw a gas station. I pulled in and half filled the tank as the gas was expensive and I could get cheaper fuel closer to my home of Longmont.

After some Google Maps confusion, I finally arrived. At first I wasn't sure if I was in the right place. No music was playing. I also felt like quite the city slicker being in heels on dirty and gravel. However thanks to years to walking on cobblestones, I'm a expert in walking in 4" inch pumps.

I looked at the menu. I was overdue for drawing a different kind of beer. I got one with an interesting name: Cloudscapes IPA.

An hour later, Soli and her parents arrived. Ryan was surprised to see me, and we agreed to see each other at future events.