Story: Hot Totty

I believe it was the Pink Door, all I remember was that the Seattle restaurant had a dark atmosphere and it was a cold day.

Seattle cold is far the worst cold out here. It's not as miserable as Chicago but it is dreary more life sapping than life threatening. Grey sheets of precipitating ennui.

I was in this restaurant as eating and drinking were the too biggest attraction in Seattle in winter. I wanted a cocktail but virtually every cocktail was served on ice. I asked the bartender for some spiced wine but they didn't have that special that day. They recommended a Hot Totty instead.

Years later I would no longer be in Seattle. There was good reason why I left the Emerald City for land where the buffalo roam. Still it was my home for 8 years. Economic and cultural changes have expunged a lot of what I loved about Seattle. However, I can take comfort in knowing that on a snowy day, I can have a Hot Totty besides the Rocky Mountains.