Story: Irish Coffee

This piece was completed during a St. Patrick's Day Draw-a-thon. A draw-a-thon is exactly what it sounds like: I draw all day. Most of my pieces take 10-15 hours to complete, so I did little bit of planning a sketching before hand, but the goal to have a finished picture at the end of the day.

This is harder than it seems though. I made the mistake of showing up to Burn's Pub & Restaurant on its busiest day with no reservation. It was snowing lightly, which I like, but I can't draw very well in freezing temperatures. I waited for 90 minutes in cold and do the line art for this drawing.

While drawing, people filtered in and out of the pub. I overheard some East-coaster complaining about how "God is punishing" him because he hasn't eaten much all day and the last place he went to only had water and Diet Pepsi to drink. In his eyes such was truly the wrath of a omnipotent divine being. I tried to ignore him, but can't. He was practically shouting on the phone about how the inconveniences of his life were evidence of a sadistic god. As someone who regularly does multi-day fast, all I could think was "when people complain about millennials, they are talking about this guy."

My finger got to so cold I couldn't draw anymore. I made to wait inside the pub. On my way, I let some friendly elderly folks into the pub; it was the least I could do to spare the reputation of my generation. About 30 minutes later I got a seat at a table. After looking over the menu, I ordered an Irish Coffee or three and some fish and chips. I leave before the 90 minute time limit and show the owner and waitstaff my progress. Later that night, I went to Louisville and enter Murphy's Tap House. Before the clock strike 12, I have an almost finished drawing and a mechanic's number.