Story: Japango Gin Blossom

While working for the restaurant that shall not be named, I met an aspiring Somm by the name of Kristen. We worked together for about 4 month before the lies, theft, harassment, mold, and overpriced pre-frozen food ripped the workplace apart.

By the time November 2021 came, both me and her were looking for new work. I searched for new clients to fill the void. She got a job at the Japanese restaurant Japango on Boulder's Pearl St. Mall.

Months later, I went into Japango. I didn't see her but I did meet the bartender Stanley. He liked my art so I came a couple of times more over the next few months. As I ate, I noticed that he is quite talented. On my second or so visit, I ended up sitting next to my target demographic: a drunk affluent person. I talked to him about my art and he gave me advice. Eventually the man next to me told Stanley that he wants a custom $50 drink. Stanley did his thing and I have a sip before the intend patron finishes what I charge for a 8x8 print in minutes.

The next time I came to Japango I knew what I wanted. I asked Stanley to make me a cocktail that is floral. This is what he did: The Gin Blossom.