Story: Oh Snap, Moonstone Mar, Vapor Cave IPA

Memorial Day weekend 2022. I was coming off a great festival held by Longmont's Firehouse Art Center. After making in excess of $100/hour I knew festivals were going to be my thing. I went to zapplication and started applying for shows. The first show to accept me was in Glenwood Springs and held 8 days after I applied. I rushed to the festival, renting the car, booking the hotel, and improving and increasing my inventory--for naught. Like many of the artisan vendors, I was in the red that weekend.

There was a silver lining however. I got to try food of Glenwood Springs, CO.

First was the Pullman Food & Drink. They had a great burger and this drink. The locals gave me a lot of flak to working at the bar. They thought drawing while drinking a cocktail had to be impossible, but after they saw the finished sketch their skepticism disappeared.

On the second day I went to Ming's Cafe. Sure enough both the locals and waitstaff confirmed that they had no idea that there was a festival happening. While there, I made plans to complete what is one of my favorite pieces the Moonstone Margarita.

I also would draw Brewpub's award winning Vapor Cave IPA. I'm am no IPA girl, but even this one won me over.