Story: Silver Vines Art Deco

I've been selling my art in markets for about 7 months now and the response has been upliftingly positive. One of the comments I get the most is that people like my Art Deco style. However, I technically am more Art Nouveau than Art Deco. 

Because I was getting this comment a lot, I decided to construct some Art Deco style wine postures from one of my favorite front range wineries: Silver Vines. Silver Vines is an urban winery just off Pearl St. in Boulder. They source they grapes mostly from Colorado's Western Slope, California, Oregon, and Washington state. They ferment these grapes on sight, creating tasty, approachable wine that can still satisfy a proper wine lover. I decided to depict their Chardonnay and sweet Rocky Red blend. On each poster is a list of the tasting note, the grapes used to make such wine and region from where these grape were sourced.

This art style is strangely harder to do, but rewarding when finished. I probably will only make more n the style if people commision me to do so.