Story: St. Vrain Collection

"Are you sure? It's really spicy. I'll give you a splash."

Memorial Day 2023. The art career is taking off. I have for the first time scored some multi thousand dollar commissions. The result is that all my bills are going to be paid (if not wee bit late). It's exciting. Summer is around the corner. The only thing in my way is the weather which has decided that all of early June will be subject to thunderstorms.

I met Dean of St. Vrain Cidery at Dry Land Distillery, right before my February Drawing Demo with the award winning Distillery. When it came time to choose the next Longmont business to draw for, they were top of list.

I went in to the alleyway cidery late may of 2023 to do my thing. I sit at the bar, try some drinks, ask some probing questions, and then get to drawing.

In an idea world, I'd drawing 3 pictures of 3 ciders, but I might have to knock that down to 2 because of the 6 or so other commissions that have landed on my plate. One of the drinks I tried is the Peach Agave, a cider that based on it's ingredient mix and high sweetness I knew I'll like. The Chokeberry looked like it will be wise to draw due to it's popularity. The Blu Duck caught my eye because its intriguing name would make for a great drawing. However I try my art drink on site for a reason. Sadly after a conversation with the owners, they inform me that it might not be available come time for the show, so I decide to hold off drawing it until further notice. However the forth drink was the Mango Tango.

The wife owner, Cindy gave me the warning from above. Many people can't finish a full 12 oz of the peppery concoction. This made me nervous. I am a whimp when it comes to spice. I can barely finish a basket of 300 sun Nashville hot fried chicken and it's rare that I get 2-stars at a Thai restaurant. The other patrons at the bar struggled to drink the Mango Tango as well. However I am strangely immune. Sure I can taste the peppers and I can't chug the stuff, but I'm not even reaching for the glass of water.

I enjoy the drinks and get to drawing the spicy Mango Tango and the sweet tree ripened Agave Peach Cider.