Story: Still Growing Fabulously Well

Starting in 2017, I slowly came to the realization that I was raised by a sociopath. I will not go into details here, but I did during therapy.

In therapy I talked about how I had always been artistic. I was the kid that would get into trouble for drawing in class. My sociopathic parent was doing everything to discourage me. They refused to let me take any art classes and would move heaven and earth to get me play music instead. They even went so far as to throw my unfinished art in the trash and to full-throated scream at me for struggling with proportions. In spite of these protests, I still drew. My art helped get me in Stanford and its my profession now.

However in 2017, I was still in the tech industry. I had won multiple awards for my work, but a sexual harassing coworker was making my job almost unbearable. At the time I hadn't listened to Psychopath Free yet and my cognitive dissonance wouldn't accept the truths lay out in The Sociopath Next Door. I didn't know that both the coworker and my parent were sociopaths and so my life was a mess.

After hearing about my art for so long, but not seeing it, my therapist asked me to draw something authentic. The piece below is what I made.

Years later, I would make different variations. The healthier of my two parents asked for a copy. A woman saw it in their office and asked for a piece for their breast cancer survivor friend. This is it.