The Story Behind Bee's Knees

The Story Behind Bee's Knees

Collision Bee's Knees Art & Merch

Bee's Knees
Collision Brewery

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I was out hunting for more breweries. My art was getting really good. People really appeared to like it, but I'm struggling to monetize my skills. The waitstaff at multiple places had tried hard to get my art noticed by management. It failed every time. The best bartenders can do is pay me in free food and alcohol. That changed after I started frequenting Collision Brewery.

This brewery really felt like the middle of nowhere. To the south, there were rolling hills of gold. To the east, a greyish haze car pollution. To the north, a mismatch of car dealerships and to America's west a perfect wide angel view of the sun setting on the Rocky Mountains.

I went to the car themed brewery one or so times before trying the first version of their Raspberry Gimlet. Both another patron and me agreed that it needed to be chilled before gracing the menu. They have followed my advice and I can confirm it is perfect.

A couple of visits later, I decided to draw a Collison Brewery piece. The raspberry gimlet that I reviewed seemed the natural choice. I brought my tablet and ordered one. I took and compiled the reference photos and prepped to draw.

The bartender asked if I need anything.

I told him that I wanted to turn the raspberry gimlet into their into art. He informed me that there was more photogenic drink on their menu. I trusted his judgment and he came back with a pink drink garnished with edible orchid.

Ladies and gentlemen. This why we talk and tip our waitstaff. In my case it literally made my art better. I still might draw the raspberry gimlet one day, but for now, this picture is the Bee's Knees.

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