Story: Left Hand Girls

I looked at the Spirit Girls. They were well done, but these pictures came to easily. I needed to challenge myself more. I needed to come up with something new, but not too new. By now, I was getting a wealth of positive feedback on my food deconstructions. I didn't want to shelve those skills. I needed a way to add cute girls to my food art.

I looked at Taste & Savor Brigit I like this picture, but it wasn't what I wanted for this new series. Art deco isn't quite me. It has no lines. I draw my lines bold. Art deco is painterly. I do cell shading. Its composition is simple. My composition is symmetrical and complex complete with dozens of elements, and, let's be honest, the subjects are all white and I draw every kind of ethnicity I can.

The savings were shrinking and only half the art battle was over. I knew what do. I just didn't know how to do it. I went back to the brewery that inspired Ms. Beer, Wine, and Honey Wine. While at Left Hand Brewery in Longmont, CO I ordered my favorite beer: The Flamingo Dreams. It clicked.

I called over Logan. He's been really encouraging so far. He'd be the one to answer this question on my tongue.

I told him that that I was going to be selling my art at Hops and Hope. I needed them to recommend 3 beers that would make good art. My thick lined, feminine, sensual, food art was a perfect candidate for some Art Nouveau posters.

Logan polled the rest of the wait staff and they collectively they recommend....

  1. The Peanut Butter Milk Stout: Everyone knew about the milk stout, but it would be nice to push this new variation.
  2. The Sawtooth Ale: it was their former flagship
  3. The 145 Mexican Lager: It was about to go in season.

These and my favorite beer in the world were what started my Art Nouveau style that feels complete.